Zeggoro is a human wizard who lives in the Northlands, not far from the Northmen fortress of Ravenshold. While he is not exactly an ally of the Northmen, he is neither their enemy, though both are united in their hatred of the wartoks. Zeggoro is several centuries old, possibly old enough to remember the world before the Fallen Age.

Dispelling the BarrierEdit

Rynn goes to Zeggoro to get help in dispelling the half-men's magical barrier that protects their land of Shiverbane. By communing with the spirits, Zeggoro is able to tell her that it is possible to remove the barrier by bringing together four items:

With these items, Zeggoro removes the barrier blocking Rynn and Arokh from facing the half-men, allowing them to journey into Shiverbane and open the third gate.

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