The Flesh Mage.


Early concept art for the Flesh Mage.

Possibly the most disturbing character in the entire game, the Flesh Mage is a sorcerer, said to be even more powerful than the Desert Lords themselves. He is skilled at creating Golems, as his palace, the Necropolis, is filled with them, and possibly skilled at necromancy as well since his palace is also inhabited by the undead. The Flesh Mage was put under a spell by Jasaad that made him lose his mind and placed his soul in a magical urn. Because of this, the Desert Lords themselves fear him and have sealed him up in his own palace. To appease him, the Desert Lords send slave girls, his "brides", into the palace where the Mage strips them of their flesh and wears it as a cloak. The Flesh Mage was the one who created the Pain Golem, the most powerful soldier in the Desert Lords' army, and holds the only key to defeating it, the Golem Staff. If Rynn is to defeat the Pain Golem, she must confront the mage and claim the Golem Staff.


"Come my sweet bride. Come and embrace your loving husband."

"Ah, new flesh! So youthful and so smooth! Your skin will make a fine addition to my robe."

"Come, my little plaything... I want to hear your beautiful screams."

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