The world of Drakan is the setting of the Drakan video game series. It is a hill-covered world with many different types of biomes, including temperate, tropical, tundra, and desert. It has two moons.

Continents Edit

The Great Continent Edit

The largest continent called 'the great continent' covers the central area of one side of the planet. There is a central mountain range that runs from east to west which is where the Order of the Flame originated from. Rynn's village and Surdana are situated in the foothills of these mountains near the west coast.

Northern Continent Edit

There is a northern continent, which covers the top of the planet and stretches down to almost meet the great central continent on its north western side. The Andrellian islands can be found in the short span of sea between these two continents. Ravenshold is on the southernmost tip of the northern continent.

Southeastern Continent Edit

There is a southeastern continent which is where Alwarren, the Succubi lair, Mount Tibor & Drakan City can be found. This is mainly a tropical climate and is where the final battle against the Dark Union took place 600 years before Rynn's time.

Unknown Continents Edit

The other two continents lie to the east and west of the central continent with the western one being unexplored and largely unknown to the inhabitants of the central continent. This continent can possibly harbor new species and civilizations unknown to the old and new Order of the Flame. The eastern continent is where Navros retreated to and is rumored to harbor vile magic and travel to this part of the world was forbidden by the Order of the Flame.  

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