Toadfist is the trog chief in the Shadowmire. He is also a powerful shaman, using his enchanted headdress to fuel his magical abilities. Unlike most other trogs which have either green or red skin, Toadfist has blue skin. 

Abilities Edit

Spinning attack - Toadfist's claws will start glowing during the battle. Soon afterwards he will launch into a spinning attack, dealing lots of damage if in melee range, but feeling briefly disoriented after the spinning ends.

Magic missile - If Rynn stays too far away from Toadfist, he will launch a ranged magical attack towards her.

Dialogue Edit

"Where the girl? No one trespass in Toadfist's swamp... you bring her here for me to kill!"

"You worry about Toadfist, not little girl! Bring her here, or Toadfist crush your head!"

"So... that why you come. You think you take Toadfist's crown? Never! Toadfist eat your heart, first!"

Related Quests Edit

Retrieve Toadfist's helm for Brekk the Blacksmith in Surdana.

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