'Surdana is one of the last human civilizations to survive the Dark Wars. Its leader is Lady Myschala.

It rests in a valley a few days' journey North of Rynn's village. On a hill overlooking the city is the Palace.

There are a few small homesteads in the valley outside the city. However, the roads are dangerous, prone to attacks by wartoks and grulls. Blackwing dragons roost on the hillsides, and the underground areas are crawling with scavengers and spiders.

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  • Find Lady Myschala at the palace in Surdana.
  • Open the four Gateways and awaken the Dragon Mother.
  • Retrieve the Cyper Rune from the Tree of Mourning in the Shadowmire.
  • Search for a Guide to Ravenshold in the Andrellian Isles.

Optional Quests Edit

  • Brekk offered me 2000 gold to bring back Toadfist's Helm.
  • Quaalus the Alchemist will pay me 50 gold for each Blackwing egg I bring him.
  • Kill ALL of the spiders int he villager's cellar. 
  • Kill the mummy who is terrorizing the village.

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