Stratos is the main headquarters of the Desert Lords in the world of Drakan. It is a series of floating islands, and Jasaad's elite forces are found here in the forms of Djinns, Golems and Desert Lords. The fourth and final of the Ancients' Gates is found in the Golem Palace, a temple in the heart of the islands where the Pain Golem stands silently on guard. If Rynn and Arokh are to get past the golem and open the final gate, Rynn must make her way through the well-furnished interiors of Grotus' headquarters and the Bridal Hall and enter the hellish pit that is the Flesh Mage's Palace, the Necropolis. 

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  • Grotus's Lair
  • Ferry
  • Bridal Hall
  • Gollum Palace

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  • Grotus

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  • Open the final gateway to Surdana
  • Find the ferry to the Flesh Mage's Palace
  • Get the elixir from Grotus to resist the Bridal Hall enchantment

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  • This is the only location where Djinns are encountered.