The Order of the Flame was an ancient order whose origin pre-dates known history and is known only in legend, an alliance of men and dragons who sought to bring peace and justice to the world of Drakan.


The Order held sway upon the land for centuries, and many great wonders were worked in their name. Their members were great warriors and the dragons they rode upon, brought together by the sacred rite of the Bond. Under their watchful eyes, the world knew peace and great kingdoms founded on the principles of truth and justice were able to rise in a land terrorized by barbaric tribes.

However, they were brought to an end by the forces of the Dark Union, former members of the Order who used occult rituals to take power over the world, rather than serve it. They allied themselves and subjugated the barbarian tribes of wartoks, grulls, and the like, creating an army of blood-thirsty monsters. War swept across the world and civilization crumbled. The great dragon riders were felled, brought down from within by traitors, and their noble mounts fell into stone sleep for all time. The last pockets of human society were reduced to small villages and fledgeling kingdoms, spread over the land and cut off from one another, always under the threat of attack from the barbaric hordes.

One of the last survivors of the Order, the great warrior Heron, became the salvation of Drakan. Weilding the Runeblade he sacrificed himself to banish Navaros, leader of the Dark Union, into a space-time rift, where he would be trapped for all eternity, lacking both form and power. With their master gone, the forces of the Dark Union fell into disarray and were scattered by the remaining forces. This cost Heron his life, and his bonded dragon, Arokh, fell into stone sleep.

Six-hundred years later, the fires of the Order were re-kindled when the warrior woman Rynn awakened Arokh from his slumber. Her purpose for waking him was to save her brother Delon from a rampaging horde of wartoks, a purpose the noble Arokh thought beneath him. In their attempt to save Delon, they became swept up in an attempt to resurrect the Dark Union and return Navaros from his banishment.

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Order of the Flame
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