Inquisitor is a ghostly being that haunts Surdana. He kidnaps innocent civilians during the night and takes them to his underground lair where he will ask them questions concerning people that lived during the time of the Order and the Dark Wars six hundred years ago. If his prisoners are unable to answer, he tortures them to death. The knights of Surdana have placed a bounty of 3000 gold on the Inquisitor.

The lair is located beneath the city of Surdana and is filled with Wartoks. It is not advised to delve into the lair too early into the game, preferably not before opening the first of the Gates.

Related quests Edit

Find and kill the Inquisitor who lives in the tunnels blow the city.

Trivia Edit

Inquisitor's lair is the smallest independent area in the game, alongside with the Catacombs. Thus the game has to be saved to enter the area, but the saving time is greatly smaller than in other areas.

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