Ice golem is an enemy Rynn will encounter in Drakan: The Ancients' Gates. These golems are encountered in The Ice Caves in Northern Tundra when Rynn is looking for the Visionary Amethyst for wizard Zeggoro. These fearsome creatures will make the earth tremble when treading forwards.

Ice golems are extremely deadly enemies, because they will fire freezing beams from their eyes. Not only does the beam inflict a lot of damage (the beam would kill a player wearing a Plate Armor in matter of seconds), it will also freeze Rynn after a short while, preventing her from moving. The golems will also deal substantial melee damage with their fists if you are close to them. The beam has a very long range, but the valley offers plenty of trees to hide behind.

Ice golems will yield no loot, but are worth of killing because of the experience points.

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