Feral dragons are the descendents of the Elder Breed dragons who sided with the Dark Union during the Dark Wars. As a result of their corruption by the Union's dark magic, over the generations these dragons lost their ability to speak in the tongues of men and eventually lost their reason, becoming nothing but mindless beasts.

When the Dark Union resurfaced 600 years later, these dragons were easily controlled and turned into flying soldiers for their forces. While they ignore other races that serve the Union - such as grulls and wartoks - the feral dragons immediately see the last dragon of the Elder Breed, Arokh, as a threat and attack him on sight.

Known Types of Feral DragonsEdit

Drakan: Order of the Flame - Drakan: The Ancients' Gates

Rynn - Arokh - Heron

Order of the Flame
Delon - Atimar - Tiuri - Tagorah - Rimril
Navaros - Shilla - Werokh - Tultal

The Ancients' Gates
Lady Myschala - General Dehrimon - Zola Dane - Jade - Quaalus - Ranwulf - Zeggoro - Mala-Shae
Jasaad Duthane - Bonegrinder - Maulgak - Snotmaw - Shaza and Tora - Yutaji

History of Drakan
World of Drakan - Order of the Flame - The Bond - Dark Union - The Dark Wars - The Fallen Age

Creatures of Drakan
Dragon - Wartok - Grull - Succubus - Desert Lord

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