The Drakan series is a series of action-adventure video games with RPG elements. They are told from the perspective of the warrior woman, Rynn, and her bonded dragon, Arokh, as they battle against strange creatures serving the will of the Dark Union in order to save the world of Drakan.


The gameplay of the Drakan series blends elements of action-adventure games with RPG elements. The player character, Rynn, has controls similar to most action-adventure / platforming games - move, jump, attack - combined with other features such as dodging, rolling, blocking, etc. This is combined with RPG elements where Rynn has RPG attributes such as level, health, and mana. The player is able to collect newer and better equipment, each with its own unique stats and abilities, but also gradually wears out due to use (see: durability).

Gameplay is expressed as two general types: on-foot and flying. Both modes follow Rynn, as Arokh cannot be controlled unless Rynn is riding on him. When Rynn is on foot, all of Arokh's actions are computer-controlled.

On FootEdit

In the on foot game segments, the player controls Rynn. She moves about on her own, using weapons and abilities to fight against monsters, collect treasures, and solve puzzles.


In the flying segments, Rynn climbs aboard Arokh to fly through the skies of Drakan. In this mode, the player can control Arokh with six degree-of-freedom movement as well as use his powerful breath weapons. Adjacent to this is the ability to land while still riding Arokh, wherein he gallops across open land.

Drakan: Order of the Flame (OotF)Edit

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Drakan: Order of the Flame is a 1999 video game for the PC.

Drakan: The Ancients' Gates (TAG)Edit

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Drakan: The Ancients' Gates is a 2002 video game for the Sony PlayStation 2.