Dragons are great beasts of legend that inhabit the world of Drakan. They are magical creatures with incredible strength and power. One of the main characters of the Drakan series is the dragon Arokh.

Dragons can be grouped into two basic categories: feral dragons and the Elder Breed.

Feral dragons are those who have lost their high-mindedness and sank into the ferocity of mindless beasts. They build nests in the hills and valleys of Drakan, hunting and preying on weaker beings, serving only their most basic needs and wants. The most common type of feral dragon is the blackwing, found most everywhere in the world of Drakan.

Known types of feral dragons include the bone dragon, red dragon, and the blackwing dragons, including the fire element blackwing dragons found in and around Surdana, the lightning element blackwing dragons found around the Andrellian Isles, and the ice element blackwing dragons found in and around Ravenshold, The Northern Tundra, and Shiverbane.

The dragons were born of ancient ancestral spirits at the dawn of Drakan. These spirits broke into fragments, which were incarnated as the Spirit Dragons.

After the war with the Dark Union, the dragons followed The Dragon Mother, Mala-Shae, into a distant land to "wait in slumber until the virtues of The Order were honored once more."

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