A Desert Lord and the main antagonist of Drakan: The Ancient Gates, Jasaad Duthane.

The Desert Lords are a race of immortal sorcerers from the demon world of Sessool. They are the universal antagonists of Drakan, posessing very dark magiks and energies. They appear to be extremely hostile to every living thing and use the grull, wartok, trog and various dark dragons to do the menial tasks and act as ground troops for invasions. They also have an undead army of soulless at their command. They plague the people of Surdana in order to stop Lady Myschala from opening the Ancients' Gates.


Desert Lords have a very distinct appearance. A large, free-floating cubicle head with four different faces, one of which is a skull. The top part of their torso is uncovered, save for two unusually large nipple rings, spiked armor plating on the shoulders and forged gauntlets which fit very tightly around the arms. Desert Lords do not use their legs, instead choosing to levitate or hover around. Desert Lords are exceedingly difficult to kill, but not impossible, a combination of magiks and pure brutality with weapons is a good tactic.

Desert Lords are capable of disguising themselves as humans using powerful magiks, as seen in the opening scene of Surdana in which a desert Lord kills a city guard with a single blow. Shortly after the court sorceress, Jade, uses a spell of her own and the Desert Lord disintegrates, apparently dying.


While the Desert Lords are mostly encountered in Stratos, two of them - Indja and Yedeen - can be fought in Shiverbane, and Jasaad Duthane makes a few non-violent appearances in Surdana, mostly to chide or attempt to annoy its occupants. These attempts always seem to invariably fail, resulting in yet more fights and battles.

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