The Bone Lord is an optional boss in Drakan: The Ancients' Gates. He is a servant of the infamous necromancer, Khossa Vole, and terrorizes the Brotherhood of the Eternal Word within Surdana.


The Bone Lord is a humanoid skeleton with large spikes jutting out of his back. Horns also stick out of his skull and he has red eye sockets instead of the usual blue. He is much taller than Rynn, which suggests that he wasn't human in life. It is unknown exactly what race he was before his death.


It is unknown what the Bone Lord's backstory is, but at some point after his death, he was resurrected by Khossa Vole and became the necromancer's minion. Sometime before Rynn came to Surdana, the Bone Lord secretly infiltrated the monastery that belonged to the Brotherhood of the Eternal Word. While he stayed in the crypts beneath the monastery, he began to raise the monks' fallen brothers and sisters. He and his minions managed to kill at least two of the monks before the door leading to the crypts was locked and put under heavy watch by Brother Alto. The Bone Lord is eventually killed by Rynn when she is requested to Investigate the evil at the Brotherhood of the Eternal Word.


The Bone Lord is a rather strong adversary and a powerful necromancer. He is able to single handedly raise the dead within the crypts of the monastery and command them without any trouble. It is also possible that he can start earthquakes because at one point during the side quest, an earthquake creates a deadly cavern in the center of a large room inside the crypt. His weapon of choice is a sword called Flamestrike, which is a long sword with a blade that is completely coated in flames. With his sword, he's capable of creating a spreading ring of flames around him.


The Bone Lord is a very self determined individual. Even though his conversation with Rynn is brief, he shows a sort of pity towards mortals. He believes that the bones of mortals are being forced to do things they don't want to do, such as Rynn attacking his skeleton minions. He wishes to "strip away the flesh" so that the bones within mortals can be free. When attacked, he will say "Why do you break me? I only wish to free you."


  • Even though most skeletons in Drakan have glowing blue eye sockets, the Bone Lord's eye sockets are red.
  • He is the wielder of a very powerful sword called Flamestrike.