Blackwings are feral dragons inhabiting the wild lands of Drakan. They are distinguished from other varieties of dragons by their black-feathered wings. Blackwing dragons inhabit nearly every land in the world of Drakan, perfectly adapted to each environment in which they live.

There are at least three different types of blackwings in the world of Drakan. There are the blackwings in the mountainous region of Surdana  whose energy attacks are fire-based. There are the blackwings in islands that are known as The Andrellian Islands  whose energy attacks are lightning-based. And then there are the blackwings in the snowy regions of Ravenshold , The Northern Tundra , and Shiverbane whose energy attacks are ice-based.

Blackwing dragon eggs are extremely valuable, extremely rare, and extremely difficult to obtain ingrediants in alchemy. Quaalus the Alchemist in Surdana offered to pay Rynn gold to bring any she found to him.

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