The Ancients' Gates are a key element in the story of Drakan: The Ancients' Gates. They are artifacts capable of bending space and time, opening a rift that connects two distant locations and allowing a traveler to instantly transport from one place to another. In the days before the Dark Union, they were used by the Order of the Flame to travel to the furthest corners of Drakan. After the Dark Wars and the stone slumber of the dragons, the Gates were sealed.

In a time long before the Dark Wars, the Spirit Dragons departed the world through the Gates.


A Gate is an enormous, golden ring held upright and in place by a stone carving resembling two serpentine dragons. It rests on a large, stone platform. On this platform are several crystals, which serve as a kind of addressing system by which a dragon rider can connect a Gateway to another. Then, he and his Bonded dragon may fly through the Gateway and instantaneously arrive at their intended destination. Only a dragon of the Elder Breed can activate the Gateways.

While the principle purpose of the Gateways is to permit travel to distant lands in the blink of an eye, this is not the limit of their power. One special Gateway - the Mother's Eye in Surdana - is capable of opening a rift to a place beyond the world itself, to the resting place of the Spirit Dragons.

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